RC-V.23 1200 Baud Data Modem

The RC-V23 RS232 Modem is a general purpose 1200 Baud Half Duplex Modem, designed especially for telemetry and remote data transfer applications using inexpensive “voice grade” telemetry lines and data radios. It uses Bell 202 for the tone standard and provides an inexpensive solution to interfacing computers and microcontrollers to radio links. The modem utilizes FSK audio tones to provide reliable communications over narrow bandwidth channels.

The modem is easily interfaced to radios designed for either telemetry or voice communications (hand-held, mobile or base). The data interface is designed to be compatible with standard RS-232 levels. The total power consumption is less than 25 milliwatts, making it ideal for battery powered applications. The modem has it’s own micropower voltage regulator, allowing it to operate from a single polarity unregulated power source from 9-31VDC.


Levels (Radio):
Mic Audio - 290mv max (Lo/Hi-Z)
Receive Audio - 300mv (nom)
PTT - 1A Relay
Levels (Data): RS232 Standard
Power Supply: +9VDC (min), 31VDC (max) 5mA
Operating Mode: Simplex or half duplex
Compatibility: Bell 202)
Standard: 7” x 14.8” x 2.5cm”
Standard: DB-9 / F/M
Operating Temp: -10C to +60C


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